Keeping up with modern techniques

Exciting advances in materials and techniques mean that dentistry is rapidly evolving for the benefit of patients. We are now able to offer you many options that are reliable and cosmetic that we couldn't even imagine a few years ago. Examples of such advances include tooth whitening, dental implants, all ceramic restorations, fillings and crowns that are designed and manufactured by computer and fitted in one visit.

We have also invested in advances in more routine dentistry.Digital xrays mean that we can get more accurate images, instantly for a fraction of the xray dose. Advances in root treatment equipment mean that we can carry these procedures more comfortably, more accurately and less need for x-rays.

We are able to keep up to date with current techniques by investing heavily in education and equipment so that we are able to offer state of the art dentistry for the benefit of our patients.
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Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening is a great way of freshening your smile by using a bleaching agent to lighten the colour of your teeth. It is effective, safe and the results are long lasting.

Making an appointment

We are able to currently see new NHS and Private patients

To book for an appointment or talk to one of our receptionists for advice, please ring


01206 391065

(please note that we no longer use the old '0844' number following patient feedback

The emergency out of hours number for NHS is 111 and privately 0800 2545124